My name is Marjorie,

and I have been studying, practicing, and sharing the concept of whole health and wellness since “before it was cool.”

That’s right. Whole health wasn’t always mainstream. Even though my research is centered in science, I have been called a hippie more times than I can count. The idea that your mind, body, and spirit all played a role in your health and well-being was just too radical for a long time.

Luckily, that is all changing. I could not be happier with the strides the health and wellness community has made, including the increased popularity and broadening definition of self-care, the de-emphasis on weight loss and its relationship to overall physical health, and the long-awaited welcoming of spirituality in the world of wellness.

While you won’t find any medical advice here, you will find reliable resources intended to help guide you on your journey to whole health.